Zoroastrian dating common complication of sedating a patient prior to intubation

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The Zoroastrian afterlife begins with a three-day period after death when the soul sits at the head of its body praying for its future.

The fate of wicked souls after the Frashgird evolved in Zoroastrianism.We do know that Zoroastrianism went through at least two major transformations, once when it integrated elements of the old Indo-Iranian pagan religions and again when Zurvan (Time) rose to the top of Zoroastrian pantheon and Zurvanism modified the dualism that otherwise characterizes Zoroastrianism.These transformations over time further complicate research into the transmission of ideas from Zoroastrianism.However, even determining the dates for Zoroaster himself and for the era of his religion does not resolve the most intractable questions of influence, since there are few early archaeological or textual records.Most of the surviving materials are quite late, and it is impossible to determine with certainty the nature of their originals.

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