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Yunho was recently involved in Heading to the Ground with Go Ara and Jaejoong's drama Heaven's Postman with Han Hyo Joo was just released this past November.

As a group, however, they have a series of banjun dramas made in the beginning of their career.

the guys who stepped up for the couple selectioin were Yunho, Mickey Yoochun, Kim Jong Min, Chung Myung Hoon, and Woo Hyuk. Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu currently perform as JYJ, but may have to return to TVXQ if they lose their lawsuit against TVXQ's label, SM Entertainment.

Yunho Jung has: Played himself in "Nonseutob" in 2000.

His management company, SM Entertainment, allows fans to sent Yunho gift through a specific mailing address. there have been a lot of rumors about them going out. This is an extremely broad question that isn't specific at all, so I'm going to answer this assuming that you mean the breakup of DBSK since I have no way of knowing what you're actually asking. Played Action actor in "Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea" in 2010. She also stated that Jaejoong and her often go to the park together, and one time someone thought they were a couple.

people think Seul gi has a crush on Yunho because in love letter she gave hints on the guy she liked for 2 years. Changmin and Yunho are to remain under SM Entertainment going under the label TVXQ rather than TVXQ/DBSK. There are 5 members: U-Know Yunho: leader and main dancer Max Changmin: vocal Hero Jaejoong: main vocal Micky Yoochun: vocal Xiah Junsu: main vocal, dancer As of 2010, however, only Yunho and Changmin are officially part of TVXQ.

Now, Park Soo-jin is already married to Bae Young-jun, CEO of Key East Entertainment.

They thought Yunho and Yoona are suitable together, even though Yoona is younger than him.

Yunho is one of the most awaited guests to make a comeback in members confused as they were supposed to identify the guests, namely Yunho and Changmin, among the 150 people in phantom masks.

SNSD Yoona Yoona and Yunho’s affection was even caught with fans when they were in the same car, heading to an SM Workshop in Jeju, 2017.

They were also captured together at Kansai Airport after the SM Town Osaka in July 2017.

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