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3-6 07 Apr 09 Shitchest Boner Neck, Crack, What is It Baby, Last Action Hero 26.

3-7 21 Apr 09 Genie, Epilepsy Test, Throw Up Employee 27. 3-9 19 May 09 Wheel of Money, Butler Sketch, Hiking Documentary, Backseat 29.

The 1000 commenters on the thread have a variety of opinions on what the movie should be, from another chapter in “The Civil War On Drugs” to a (hopefully proposed ironically) two hour-long biopic of “Shoshon the Elegant.” movie.

The show was an anthology series, rarely touching on the same characters or themes in multiple sketches, and each sketch was only a few minutes long at most – something along the lines of the immortal an opportunity to experiment with a bigger budget and a longer production time than it could while it was on TV while maintaining the same winning formula.

The amount of swearing varies by skit -- some have virtually none, while others are filled with bleeps.

There are also some references to drugs and drinking.

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Their long facial hair makes it obvious a good amount of time has passed since , is all over the news, with the “movies” page on Reddit seeming particularly stoked.

1-9 15 May 07 Glory Hole, Attention Guy, Tattoo Parlor 10.

1-10 22 May 07 We Gon' Make Love, Motorcycle Mama, Mountain of Chairs Season 2 11. 2-2 17 Feb 08 Never Song, Feeler Doc, Blue Whale Dick 13.

2-7 23 Mar 08 Tar Toast, Drunk Dad, Time Travel Friends 18.

2-8 30 Mar 08 Face Off, Auto Erotic, Good Morning Dad 19.

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