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If you don’t have a RADIUS server and Certificate Authority yet then you should take a look at my PEAP and EAP-TLS on Windows Server 2008 tutorial.

In this tutorial I will be using a Windows Server 2008 machine running Certificate Services to generate a client certificate for my Android device.

In this tutorial I want to demonstrate to you how to install a user certificate on an Android device so that you can authenticate to a wireless network using EAP-TLS.

I will use my Windows 7 computer to export both certificates. We will use the certificate manager on Windows 7 to view our certificates and export them.You will see the certificate export wizard, click Next to continue.The wizard will ask you to export the private key for the user certificate. Now we have the user certificate for user Android stored in a file. If you don’t have the root CA certificate yet you will have to export it from the certificate authority or from your Windows 7 computer.Since 've got my new dir-655 router, one PC is acting strange It's a Dell Latitude D430 which has been working fine with my previous (SMC) router.The wireless connection of this system works fine, but when connected via the LAN connector, you will see that little connection animation (which you see when you get a DHCP address assigned as well)but only now it tells "Validating Identity" The connection works so their is no real problem, it's just very annoying. Product: DIR-655 - HW Version: A2 - FW Version: 1.33NAb01Product: DAP-1522 - HW Version: A1 FW: 1.20Product: DWA-643 - HW Version: A1 - FW Version: 2.0Product: DWA-160 - HW Version: A1 - FW Version: 1.20 EProduct: DCS-1130 - HW Version: A1 - FW Version: 1.01hmmm..question....

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