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These actions are totally unacceptable to our sport.

Our Lifetime President, Don Jose Sulaiman ( May he rest in peace) suffered for many years, after being injured during a fight between the camps Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis.

The World Boxing Council expresses complete rejection concerning the embarrassing fight simulation between Shane Mosley and Ricardo Mayorga.Mayorga appeared to slap the backside of Mosley's girlfriend as she leaned forward near the fighters, prompting three-weight world champion Mosley to lunge in to put hands around his throat and spark a brief melee.Former three-division world champion Shane Mosley, who ended a nearly two-year retirement in August, is set for his second fight since resuming his career.The former world welterweight champion chose not to react and kept his stare fixed on Mosley.The controversial bout is a repeat of their dramatic 2008 encounter, which Mosley won courtesy of a final-round stoppage - and the animosity between the pair was cranked up at Thursday's press conference.

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