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Aileen was the second child of Jean Paul Getty II and his first wife, Gail.They had four children including Jean Paul III who was famously kidnapped in the 1970s.Later, she dropped out of the University of Southern California and did what most rebels of her day enjoyed – creating controversial artworks, protesting against the Vietnam war and using a good deals of drug, in particular cocaine which was favoured by the rich and famous. She lived for a while with a jazz pianist and then with a film director but soon became sidetracked by someone else and decided to marry.

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Although Aileen’s father became known eventually as a philanthropist, during Aileen’s childhood he lived a ‘rich hippie’ lifestyle which included the mandatory drug problem.By the time she married Christopher she had already had a nervous breakdown. Although Christopher’s friends later said that he was ‘getting tired of being Aileen’s nursemaid’ the couple decided to adopt a son in an effort to cement their marriage.As often happens, Aileen became pregnant shortly after the adoption and the couple now had another little boy born in 1985.Aileen was horrified when she found out more about AIDS during the vacation.It made her aware of various risks she had taken in the past.

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