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He can be seen in music videos by Janet Jackson and Prince, but he is best known for his association with The Time.Benton is the half brother of Time bassist Terry Lewis and worked closely with the band behind the scenes in its initial stages.His career started to rise soon after “Boyz n the hood”.Morris has said that his character ‘Lance’ from the film is pretty close to Morris’ real personality in terms of priorities in his life.Morris appreciates his mom a lot for all her efforts in raising him.She used to take him to football practice after working all day and driving 20 miles away from work.

Benton responded by ripping a mirror out of the club's restroom and bringing it on stage for Day to comb his hair.This act elevated Benton's integration into the band as a comic foil to Day, along with his dancing and providing backing vocals.In 1983, when Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis missed a concert in San Antonio, Benton was tasked by Prince to pretend to fill in for Lewis on stage with his bass unplugged, while Prince provided the bass line backstage.He helped raise him for three years only to discover that he was not his son.The family was devastated but he felt that he needed to leave that situation behind and left it to the child's mother to make things right.

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