Who is melissa rycroft dating now

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Fans watched Rycroft accept a proposal on the pre-taped show, only to witness her getting dumped live on national television on "Believe me when I tell you that was the hardest, most uncomfortable show I’ve ever hosted.I like Melissa very much, and in fact we’ve talked several times since the taping including Friday before the second ) special.

Prior to her marriage, Melissa has had been in a few relationships in her past life.Clips from their show reflect a hectic newlywed beginning, filled with long distance challenges, career pursuits, and a baby.The show ended before their family expanded, but expand it did.Melissa and Tye have a big family keeping them busy. Melissa posted the above Instagram, jokingly captioning it, "Party’s over...house is clean... Mom is passed out...#success." She constantly posts adorable snaps of her kids. I’m fighting with Ava to get dressed, Beckett insists on making his own breakfast and is spilling cereal all over the floor and Cayson needs to be fed. ""I've been thinking about writing a book for awhile now...There are times it feels like there are 18 children in my house! There is a lot that has happened that people don't know.

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