Who is holly durst dating polyamory dating bay area

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I miss him." he told me he missed me and I thought, "I'm for sure -- I'm in." But then after watching it, I realized he told like three other girls he missed them too. (laughing) Reality TV World: How were you cast for ? (laughing) I thought, "I don't have to sort through all these guys in my city. Honestly, I walked in not prepared at all to say anything. (laughing) Reality TV World: The first time viewers saw Matt discuss the eventual winner moving to London was during your two-on-one date. So I let him know that it doesn't matter where I was -- I can write anywhere.

I think it's just because I have the ability to make people very comfortable around me. I honestly rarely put people in uncomfortable situations, so I think that's why I just tried to make him feel at ease with me.Reality TV World: You just mentioned the hot tub scene and when you two kissed at the conclusion of the one-on-one date. (laughing) Reality TV World: Did now when guys come up and talk to me I give them a chance to talk to me for a couple of minutes and if I don't like them I get rid of them real quick.Matt also gushed about what a good time he had after it was over. (laughing) I would love to see him end up with Amanda. I almost told Matt when I left just to pick Amanda right then. (laughing) Reality TV World: How's that been working?(laughing) Reality TV World: After Matt decided to give the rose to Marshana, what happened next? He told me that it was hard to have conversations with me at some points, which is completely understandable because I didn't open myself as much as he wanted me to and as much as some of the other girls did.Did Matt and Marshana leave you there or were you the one who left? So when he gave Marshana the rose, he looked at me and walked me outside to the limo. (laughing) Reality TV World: You said you were "definitely bothered" when Matt said he didn't know if there was any "electricity" between you two on the one-on-one date.

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