Whitemen dating blackwomen

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Many of the women I dated and fooled around with were of equal or even higher economic status than me.This is an anomaly in an Anglo culture where the rule is men marry down, but never across or up.There are even self help books telling women how to land a white man.Among much of the world’s population, Western men are seen as the gold standard.Contrary to the stereotypes, many of the black women I dated were not drama queens, although there certainly is that segment of the population.They were soft-spoken, intelligent, and quite frankly much more fun to be around than the self-absorbed princesses white chicks have become.Black women were always more reasonable, down to earth, and willing to do their part.

) Antonia Perkins, 24, told a reporter why she prefers dating white men: Perkins’ opinion aside, there was a military base in the town near me, and far from unusual, some nights a black doctor I was dating and I would go in the local pub to have some beer and steaks and every other couple would be white men with black women. Why were men fleeing white women in increasing numbers I wondered.inder revolutionized the dating world when it was launched five years ago.The dating app’s unique design inspired a surge of location-based “swipe” apps which collectively morphed online dating from an odd, secretive habit into an acceptable way to meet partners.But, little did I know I had touched on a life-altering experience.From then on, more than half of the women on The List of the over one hundred sexual encounters I have had would be with black women. There are definitely some positives to dating black women.

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