Virus email updating my address book

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As an extra security measure, also change the passwords for any sites that story your credit card information, like your Nextlix, Amazon and credit card company.

For accounts that require security questions, change those as well.

If you’re lucky, the hacker only logged into your account to send a mass email to all of your contacts.

If you’re not so lucky, the hacker changed your password too, locking you out of your account.

Try to add [email protected] [email protected] your email address book, or follow your email provider's instructions to whitelist us. · If you've received a message from us that states that we have had problems delivering messages to you, please make sure that you have tried the suggestions above.

If you are able to log in to your Couchsurfing account, you should be able to update your email address in your Account & Settings page.

If you are unable to log in to your Couchsurfing account and need to update your email address, or if you are unable to update your email because your password isn't working, please check out this article so that we can help! Once this is done, you can start the email change process described above.

One way computer viruses find their way onto computers is through emails or, specifically, attachments that are sent with an email.

A virus lurking in an email is like what you've see in old crime shows on TV, where someone receives a package in the mail and inside there's a bomb. It will look like every other email you get, but inside there's danger in the form of a hidden computer program that will hurt your computer and/or steal data from you and others.

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