Validating sources

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If you want to pay by debit card you will need a reference number each time you pay the contributions.You will need to send your payment through to NEST before the due date of the contribution schedule.Once the payment has been approved and sent to NEST, your payment will be processed within 5 working days.If your contribution schedule does not change to the ‘paid’ status within the 5 working days, NEST recommends that you double check that all members have been included.

By integrating Bright Pay payroll with NEST, we have simplified the data flow between the two separate systems.Check facts and data provided in an Internet source with information from trusted sources, such as government agencies and universities.Look for a complete and comprehensive presentation of data and facts.Follow the links provided to verify that the citations in fact support the writer's claims.Look for at least two other credible citations to support the information.

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