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The cin.clear() and cin.ignore() will ignore everything after the first number.The only input that causes issue is a correct input and then an incorrect one.To troubleshoot more easily I copied my code from task 1 and 2 into Visual Studio, so I could preview the console application there.After making changes the code seems to be doing what it should... There is nothing technically wrong with your code, you are very thorough and the program is well designed, if this was a challenge issued by and evaluated by a human it would likely pass.

This is good validation because it works if the user enters in multiple characters as one word, but also works if the user enters in several words (such as "a b c") because of the use of getline.Visit Stack Exchange So I've chosen to write just one method (will be a static method of a 'validator' class) that can handle validation for both and am unsure if this is a good idea - having a method that essentially does I've run some tests to check the edge cases and passing in empty strings etc and it passed them, but for some reason this feels kind of wrong.Should I separate string and integer validation into separate methods?This is extremely important because, an unhandled wrong input might have the complete ability to crash a system.C has some good validation techniques that can be used to validate most kind of inputs.

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