Validating a framework for participatory ergonomics

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The model uses the Intervention Design and Analysis Scorecard (IDEAS Tool) which includes seven steps: (1) identify problems and contributing factors, (2) develop intervention objectives and activities, (3) set selection criteria, (4) apply selection criteria, (5A) rate intervention activities, (5B) select intervention activities, (6) plan and implement intervention activities, and 7) monitor and evaluate intervention activities [21,36].With the guidance of the facilitator, the design team works through these steps using worksheets to create intervention options (Steps 1–5A) to present to the steering committee (Step 5B); both teams work together to implement and monitor the intervention activities (Steps 6–7).Upon completion of that study, we approached our partners about piloting the HWPP in one store.We explained that the goal of the program was to develop and implement health and wellness initiatives to promote health in the workplace setting and support workers’ efforts to make positive health changes; one of the grocers agreed to participate.

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Regardless of the level of intervention, the most effective interventions are those that take into consideration the unique characteristics and perspectives of the end users [13,14].The HWPP was moderately successful in this setting, but required a substantial amount of worker and facilitator time.Design team members did not have the skills needed to move through the process and the steering committee did not offer adequate support to compensate for the team’s shortfall.Further, the TWH literature as a whole discusses the utility of participatory approaches, but offers little guidance on how to comprehensively evaluate both implementation and efficacy of these programs while simultaneously considering the contexts in which they are delivered [12,13,31,32].We sought to evaluate the feasibility of conducting a participatory health promotion program in a retail grocery store setting.

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