Updating switches in cisco works

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Many network devices and programs come with so-called MIB files that describe the parameters and readings that are available for monitoring via SNMP.With MIB Importer you can import these MIB files (supplied by the vendor of your devices) and convert them into OID libraries (OIDLIB) for PRTG Network Monitor.Let's take a look at the v PC topics covered: We must point out that basic knowledge of the Cisco NX-OS is recommended for this article.You can also refer to our Introduction to Nexus Family – Nexus OS vs Catalyst IOS for an introduction study on the Nexus Series switches family.

TOPOLOGY SW2(servermode)------SW4(CLIENT MODE) I have attached running config and VTP outputs to these attachement.

I am getting following issue after configuring SW1 as a TRANSPARENT MODE and SW3 & SW4 as a CLIENT MODE.

- SW3 does not update or delete VLAN definition.-SW4 does update and delete vlan definition.-SW2 is configured as a SERVER mode.

Finally, a Quiz is included at the last section and we are waiting for your comments and answers!

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