Updating gps systems

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We work to ensure the maps for our GM navigation systems are comprehensive and accurate.However, our world is constantly changing and there may be instances where we do not have the most recent information.Click here to find out how to update your maps in a few easy steps.Map updates are available to all users of Sygic GPS Navigation. Download Sygic GPS Navigation for Android or i Phone & i Pad.With the latest offline maps stored on your smartphone or tablet, you don't need a data signal to stay on the right path.You will receive multiple updates of your maps every year, including up-to-date information about the road network, addresses and Points of Interest.If you would like to unsubscribe from these third-party accounts as well, please contact us directly [email protected] Each new map update includes a wealth of information including new and updated road networks and thousands of points of interest—from gas stations to airports, casinos to wineries. Navigation systems operate on proprietary format software meaning that the map CD or DVD that is in your navigation system will only be able to be to be read by that system. This is why we provide a drop down menu system online to identify your vehicle model and model year.

Places Directory In addition to directions, your navigation system can help you find nearby services.

No, the European maps are formatted for the European Navigation Systems, which are different systems to those fitted in North American cars. If your issue relates to the most recent map version (as in cases of the latest model year of vehicle), please contact the GM Nav Disc Center at 877-628-3472 and an agent will assist you. My GM model and year does not appear to have a disc available, why is this?

This site supports the current range of GM vehicles with map updates available for their navigation systems.

[*] Map Updates As roads and highways evolve, it’s important to update your maps so that your GPS stays current. Click here to learn more, and make sure to order a new SD-card annually for the most up to date system.

In rare situations, some of your subscriptions might be kept as they are maintained by third parties. The road network is constantly changing, which is why GM Navigation System maps are updated approximately once a year. if you want to be informed when your new map update is released. Is my map CD/DVD compatible with other vehicles or navigation systems?

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