Updating game and ad information

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Synchronize objects between multiple domains and forests. Sharing objects helps users in one or both messaging organizations to access information about users and groups of the partner organization.

Share information securely between Exchange organizations. GALsync allows you to share Exchange mail-enabled objects of your Active Directory forest with other forests.

I'm trying to use this powershell script to update AD users.

Ideally I'll be updating a bunch of attributes, but for now I'm just trying to get it to update the department just so I get tell if it's working.

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We have the need to provide a single repository for emergency contact information and I just thought that we should us AD for this purpose.

Very often it will recover from the crash and then load up, complete the migration, and be fine.

Its always worth letting it have a retry if it crashes when migrating the first time.

Microsoft Tools | Code Samples | Third-party Tools Directify gives the typical end user the ability to update their directory information (telephone number, office location etc) using their web browser browser.

Object creation as well as updating group membership is possible as well. IMI GAL Modify is a small utility for Exchange Admin to modify the Mailbox attributes on MS Exchange Server 5.5.

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