Updating bathroom mirrors

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We need space If you can, the bathroom can be extended to another room.The washer and dryer move to another part of the house.It is found in a multitude of shapes: square, oval, round, asymmetrical or rectangular.To maximize its impacting appearance, it is installed in the center of the room, which ideally requires a minimum dimension of 10m².Whether to control the lighting, to see the weather or simply to impress the guests, new options are constantly being offered.The towel dryer, with various designs, is increasingly present and replaces the traditional radiator to save space.The bathroom is re-located in a larger room or expands outward when possible.

Nowadays, the bathroom is not only used for hygiene, but also a space of relaxation and beauty in which we want to feel comfortable and relaxed.

To create a modern and elegant industrial decoration worthy of a New York loft, designers are using unique and imperfect pieces such as metal sinks or bathtubs and adding brick walls, waxed concrete floors and rustic wood finishes.

As technology advances, the bathroom does not escape.

Preferring the white for the sink to recreate a Scandinavian look with clean design and elegant contrast. Combined with a modern bathroom, wood adds a more classical side to the decoration by balancing opposite styles.

A multitude of types and finishes are available to satisfy the tastes of all.

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