Updating 50s ranch bathroom

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One last addition to the foyer was the niche tucked into the wall near the door. The built-in cabinetry was more onerous than useful.

AFTER: Enlarging the opening improved the connection between the two rooms and the view.For instance, the shape of the long, horizontal bricks in the living room's fireplace surround set a theme -- as did the house's street-facing window glass in the same shape -- a shape that worked its way throughout the remodel."This shape was recalled in the new tile throughout the house, the horizontal railing in the entryway, and the horizontal glass in the new entry door and sidelights," says Living in the house for nine years gave the homeowners clarity.Before they began this project, they created a list -- six pages in total -- of what they liked and didn't like about the house.It will be a lot more cost-effective to do it during your first-floor remodel than it would be later if you have to fish plumbing or wire through those finished walls," she says.The nearly seven-month journey shows how reconfiguring existing space -- and looking at its design elements -- can take a 1954 ranch right into the 21st century without compromising the house's original integrity.

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