Timex quartz dating chart

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There are two movement numbers that I prefer and seek out, #31 and #32.These movements are workhorses in the vintage Timex market.During the era the original Q was made, it was totally commonplace for brands at affordable price points to ape design cues from more prestigious brands at higher price points. In other words, it’s just as much to educate consumers about Timex’s past as it is to celebrate the brands heritage.And the purpose really hasn’t changed, it’s still to get folks into the world of watches by offering something that’s affordable and looks pretty darn good.Engineering and machining technology have come such a long way since the late ‘70s that the new steel woven bracelet actually wears nicely, as opposed to the often flimsy feeling of the old ones. Some of us may be able to recall taking a dime and unscrewing the battery lid, popping out the lithium battery and trying to decipher the model number only to find that the local drug store didn’t even carry it.

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That was in 1969 (the Seiko Astron, of course) and by the time Timex, known for affordable watches, came out with the Q, it was clear: Quartz watches were now accessible and they would become the standard going forward.

I am going to discuss the joy and frustration of vintage timepieces, specifically vintage Timex. I am a regular guy with a passion for horology in every form.

The reason I choose to dive into the vintage market is simple: I can afford to buy brand name mechanical movement watches at a fraction of their new counterparts.

I received my first Timex when I was about 12-years old.

It was a hand-winding model with a simple numeric dial.

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