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People let their guard down, so it becomes easier to approach one another.

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“You’re in this bubble of fun for a few days, you’re free of your regular responsibilities, and your senses are heightened.“Once, while watching Japandroids at Primavera,” she told me, “I looked up and saw this hot skater next to me, and we literally didn't even exchange any words, we just started making out.”Another way to analyze the situation would be to say that, at a festival, everyone’s standards are lower.For instance, in the real world, I care about what people have to say, about their ideas, passions, vocabulary (yeah, I’m one of those), etc.It’s not interesting to be one of 1,000 streetwalker Pocahontases.And don’t confuse a ticket to Coachella for a time machine back to the sixties.

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