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Few of us are used to asking teenagers about their dating practices.

Yet there is growing evidence that teens are abused by their boyfriends and girlfriends at rates comparable to those of long term adult relationships.

The authors describe the differences between adult intimate partner violence and teen dating violence and note that applying adult intimate partner violence perspective to teen dating violence is problematic.

This fact sheet uses nationally representative data to show that forced sexual intercourse is a common experience among young adult women of all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups, with verbal and physical force being the most common force used.

Broadly defined as a pattern of abuse or threat of abuse against teenaged dating partners, TDV occurs across diverse groups and cultures.

Although the dynamics of TDV are similar to adult domestic violence, the forms and experience of TDV as well as the challenges in seeking and providing services make the problem of TDV unique.

This document presents a gender analysis of teen dating violence.

The author draws on various studies to examine physical aggression by girls and boys.

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The fact sheet also presents CDC's approach to teen dating violence prevention.

Dating abuse affects people from all ages, backgrounds and identities, which is why it is important to talk about how abuse can happen in young people’s relationships.

This document from Break the Cycle offers key statistics about dating violence and its impact.

This document examines the prevalence of dating violence by gender and communities of color.

The document also presents information about the different types of dating violence and their effects on teens who experience dating violence.

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