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It’s getting harder and harder for our kids to just be kids.

You can also expect to see a shift in social media engagement from mostly tablets as children to mostly (59% of the time) phones.Here are few of the benefits that screens and technology can bring our kids, when used in moderation: Once you’ve broached the subject, it’s a good idea to talk about the side effects of screen addiction.The Zigler Family team put together 7 topics (and how to overcome them) on the side effects of screen addiction to explore with your kids: As parents, our goal is to protect our kids from cyberbullying and reduce the potential impact it might have on them.How does it feel when you get a lot of likes on your post? How does seeing the selfies other people post make them feel about their own image?Another great place to start the self-esteem discussion is by encouraging your kids to live in the moment, rather than through photos.

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