Splash fighter updating configuration file

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Emulation Station has a few command line arguments that could be helpful to you for various customisation.Let's say you wanted to setup a kiosk but did not want to give access to the builtin scraper function or you didn't want the end user to be able to exit Emulation Station, you can simply edit Because of the development hiatus, there has been some attention towards other front-ends.Note: In order to use this feature, the theme you're using MUST support it.when the cursor is on a game already present in the Favorites, removes it from the list.Plymouth is more integrated into the boot process than OMX player.

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ES uses xml files for its database and caches them on loading and exit, so any edits to the configuration files will need to be changed when ES is closed.After finished installation, I ran windows update which asked for restart to continue installation.After restart, update continues till 9% then it stops for ever!!! I did get an error 14098 with the DISM command, and it turned out to be from the file created with the ECHO command.Because of the way the Retro Pie-Setup script works custom configurations will need to be copied and edited in specific places, otherwise your custom edits would be overwritten anytime a system was updated from the Retro Pie setup script.Note that any configs in defines the systems that show up in ES.

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