Spelman and morehouse dating

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The guy proudly tells me that he is a Morehouse Man as if he expected me to do a cartwheel or something in response to this revelation.

Bennett College is steeped in rich history and tradition that has changed very little over time.

Secondly, for a black man—or excuse me, a Morehouse Man—to refer to black women as beast-like—period—is unacceptable, and to refer to the alumnae of your supposed “sister school” as beast-like is heartbreaking.

I could go on about the things I’ve heard about “Morehouse Men” but it’s just not worth going that low down into the gutter. But I can’t fully blame this “brother” and those like him when low-hanging fruit is located right across the street.

She also writes for The Oakland Tribune, and in her spare time likes to write her bios in third person.

Spelman College is a four-year liberal arts women's college located in Atlanta, Georgia. There are 25 buildings, including Sisters Chapel, Giles Hall, Packard Hall, Rockefeller Hall and Reynolds Cottage. Hanks Cosby Academic Center was dedicated in 1996, and a new state-of-the-art Science Center houses classrooms and labs.

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