Sorority dating

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If the sorority has a sorority house, it may be cheaper to live in the house than in a dorm with a meal plan.A new member's dues will cost more than an older sister's out-of-house dues.Not every sorority has a classic mansion, despite what you might see in the movies.Some sororities actually don't have houses and meet instead somewhere on campus or another facility.

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And what were your experiences in a fraternity and/or dating sorority girls? If you break up, dating other girls or other social interactions within that group will be awkward.

Was dating a sorority girl any different before you joined vs after? Some guys are even blacklisted after they break up with a girl. She will regularly go out to bars and other places to which you are not invited because you're not Greek and you have to get over that.

For example, she might not be allowed to drink alcohol while sporting her sorority necklace.

If a sorority member would like to engage in behavior not becoming of the sorority, she cannot wear her letters.

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