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Each wife gets her own space away from the other wives.Moving their blended family was probably a huge project, though, but if it's caught on film, there will be plenty of drama for their fans to be entertained.

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Some of the Browns' new neighbors want to live their lives without cameras all over the place. It will certainly cause some friction in Flagstaff that viewers might get to witness on occasion.

Of course, raising one family can be tough, so imagine raising four families! The expenses needed to cover their lifestyle and be comfortable are probably astronomical.

That's one of the reasons that majority of the women in the household also work jobs on the side or run their own businesses. Filing is generally a last resort, so the family had reached that point.

Well, Maddie is all grown up and married, and she had her son Axel on the show. It can be exciting to watch these little kids grow up on TV.

For them, being in the spotlight will be second nature. It's also good to see Maddie and her husband so happy together as they choose to live a monogamous lifestyle.

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