Single parent dating henderson nevada

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Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone and have not been approved or otherwise endorsed by any financial institution, including those that are Wallet Hub advertising partners.Our content is intended for informational purposes only, and we encourage everyone to respect our content guidelines.Click on the experts’ profiles to read their bios and thoughts on the following key questions: In order to identify the best cities for single mothers, Wallet Hub’s analysts compared the 150 most populated U. cities across two key dimensions, namely “Single Moms’ Economic & Social Well-Being” and “Child-Friendly Environment.” First, we compiled 17 relevant metrics, which are listed below with their corresponding weights.

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In 2014, the median income for a home led by an unmarried mom totaled ,403, not even a third of the ,541 for families headed by married parents, according to U. In light of Women’s History Month and National Single Parent Day on March 21, Wallet Hub’s analysts decided to honor single moms by identifying the most suitable cities for their families. Scroll down for the winners, additional expert commentary on single motherhood and its challenges, as well as a full description of our methodology.But as cultural perspectives have warmed up to this once-unconventional family structure, moms choosing to rear their children alone are no longer deemed social pariahs.Today, single-mom families account for a quarter of all U. households, at nearly 10 million, far outnumbering their single-dad counterparts by a good eight million.Not long ago, the two-parent system standardized our family-centric society.Single moms and single parents in general were a bit of a social rarity, even frowned upon by mainstream groups.

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