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The singer may change, but the melody will be one of the most enduring themes in WWF history.

The match is solid enough as Tito dictates a bit, but Michaels keeps up as Bobby continues Jesse Ventura’s tradition of the Mexican jokes to Tito.

Unlike being associated with Savage and Di Biase, which were simply business relationships, Sherri is enamored with the “Sexy Boy” and even sings his new entrance theme.

Throw in his two dark matches and his record goes to 4-20, as he actually picks up his second Wrestle Mania win in the dark match at IX, meaning the only two Mania matches he won were his first and last.

Fun Fact II: On the 2/1/92 episode of WWF Superstar, Sensational Sherri was a guest on The Funeral Parlor, where she admitted that she had found the man of her dreams, Shawn Michaels.

Two weeks later she made her first appearance with Shawn as his manager and love interest.

Sherri also sang the original version of Shawn’s theme music, “Sexy Boy”.

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