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- Delay 4: on the small ledge after that purple block. You may want to make an extra save before taking the warp up. You'll need to have all summons levelled up to max for both Yuri and Kurando.

Go back down, and travel up on the block furthest south. You want to travel up on the block roughly in the middle of the area. - Dark Seraphim: Go through the Door to the Labyrinth, then through the Door of Desires.

An alternative costume in Shadow Hearts: Covenant, exclusively for Karin.

MARGARETE FIRST The map will open a new location - 'The Black Forest' Once there, write down what the white flower instructs you to do, making sure you write down which flower is truthful; remember to write down every single flower, and the true flower as you pass. - Strike Expand: near the last purple block you took down. - Zodiac Bracelet: take the red block and it's in the room with the save point. - Ogress Mask: get from Kazuna in the northwest corner of the second level. - Shanghai Heaven: hidden in the alcove northwest of that block. Go up using the block in the southwest, then again with the block up here. Return to the southwest corner and take the lower block. - Seventh Key Press the switch before riding back up. Give it to the Japanophile near the Paris Cathedral. Go back to the entrance, removing the map stones on the way. - Eternal Key Use the lower block and hit the switches again. SHADOW HEARTS: COVENANT (shadow hearts 2)=============================================Hints During the game, you can get a LOT of items. I will do my best to list everything specifically.==========================================================----------------------------------------------------------OUTFIT SELECTIONS=================Character: KARINLocation: WALESOutfit: Dating Outfit---------------------------------HOW: After completing Neam Ruins (twice; then get Yuri's weapon). ) Second, you have to get Yuri's funal weapon from 'the stars'. Speak with her; a short cutscene should play whereas you see Anastasia and Saki talking. As soon as Saki's finished speaking, she'll give you the 'Autumn Kimino'.====================================================================================================== I like Blanca, so I've put this list of his endeavors:---------------------------------------------------------| - THE BEST OF THEM ALL...... -----------------------------------Perhaps one of Yuri's best fusions, Dark Seraphim is an ace Fusion, and at level 10, I rate him THE BOSS.

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