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As a result, your cat should feel far more comfortable riding in the car than they will on a plane.You can avoid cat sedation for travel in a car with many of the same traveling tips used for an airplane though.However, is it really in your cat’s best interest to be sedated for a plane ride or a road trip?As with all medications, you can encounter plenty of disadvantages to sedating your cat for even a short period of time.It is important to always make sure that your cat is comfortable in their carrier for extended periods of time.

Consider some of the potential risks of slipping your cat one of these tiny pink pills: Some of those side effects could make traveling with your cat extremely uncomfortable for your feline – not to mention you and other passengers!It can last for six to eight hours, helping to soothe an agitated animal.Some of the side effects include: While these side effects might be rare and could be potentially harmless, you should be aware of the risk.If you’re like most people, you might be wondering, should I sedate my cat for travel or not?Cat sedation for travel can be a particularly controversial subject.

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