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Some have set up effective online ministries that expose the theological errors of Seventh-day Adventism. We believe truth can stand the test of investigation and we should never be afraid of the facts.

These websites have not gone unnoticed, and some have been the subject of legal action: From: Dale Ratzlaff Sent: Friday, October 27, 2006 PM To: Dale Ratzlaff Subject: SDA Legal Action against former SDA websites Friends of LAM Publications, LLC The SDA church is doing everything it can in its power, including using legal means, to keep SDA members from finding out the full story of Adventist teachings. These sites have hundreds of pages of factual material that should be considered by all Seventh-day Adventists, transitioning Adventists and former Adventists.

It should be noted that Seventh-day Adventism is divided by much internal conflict over its teachings.

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They tried to purchase but Dirk Anderson would not sell it to them. The owner of this site retained the serves of one of the best Internet Domain attorneys in the country. I am including the email I received from Greg Taylor. In His joy, Dale Ratzlaff Dear Friends, The Seventh-day Adventist church has been going all out to try to stop websites that are devoted to sharing Biblical New Covenant concepts with former or questioning Seventh-day Adventists.

After one exchange between the SDA (Catholic) attorney and the attorney referenced above, the SDA attorney has not responded. People checking into Adventism through their outreach efforts have been going online and discovering some of these issues and seeing some of the theological problems in the SDA church.

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