Scripture on dating and relationships

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It was truly by His hand that such a marriage took place.God chose the specific man and the specific woman for the call of the Kingdom in marriage.Adam walked with God in the Garden, had conversations, was loved, and knew his Creator well.In Genesis 2, God brought forth the second most important relationship a man can have, a marriage relationship with a wife.There is not a specific appropriate age given in the Bible, rather, a season.Mary was more than likely in her early teens when she became engaged to Joseph, whereas Isaac was more than likely in his 40s.God did not merely create Eve to be in service of Adam but to help him serve God.

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The Word of God is unchanging and for all of His Creation to hear and know, but the time in which it was written provides certain guidelines for the culture of the day.This is greatly shown when Adam remarks, “This is now bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh.” It was not merely the mechanics of being formed of him that made her unique but the knowledge that she was specifically crafted to be his mate in every way, and likewise for her.The intentional metaphors of God’s hope and plan for marriage were formed with the very start of mankind.In fact, the only marriage that was ever perfect for a time was the marriage of Adam and Eve before the Fall.Genesis famously recalls, “The Lord God said, 'and then closed up the place with flesh.

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