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Being known on screen as a very talented gold digger and an excellent diver, Zeke has an even more interesting life background, which we’ve presented below.If you want to find out more about his romantic relationships, his net worth and other spicy things from the shootings of the show, then keep reading.You must be dying to learn what his this career results regarding net worth but hold on a few seconds more.

His role is almost always that of a captain and or owner/boss.

Zeke’s net worth might not be precisely accurate, but the general idea of its range is enough to help us measure Zeke Tenhoff’s net worth to an incredible amount. And although he is yet to come public with his DOB, some of his wiki bios allege he was born in 1987.

He was homeschooled and has two younger brothers, Sam and Gabe Tenhoff, who are also divers and have featured in Bering Sea Gold occasionally helping out in Zeke’s operations.

Some sources claim he makes an unverified annual income of ,000.

His known sources of income are primarily his gold mining proceeds and his salaries from Bering Sea Gold.

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