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In short, cock rings can make your erections feel harder, last longer, and even can give a slight temporary boost to your penis size.I can't think of many guys who'd turn those things down!Get a membership now and get access to a VIP recorded video completely gratis with all our Hot babes !

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It can actually promote erectile health in general by opening up the blood vessels and allowing oxygen to reach places that might otherwise have been deprived.Which is to say, cock rings make the pleasure feel more pleasurable and the pain more electric, if that's your thing.The increased blood flow and oxygenation has other less sexy benefits that are still important to consider...Not only do they look great, but they also have some physical benefits you might not be aware of.In fact, cock rings sort of straddle the line between sex toy and sexual health aid. A cock ring is an item that can both serve as a sex toy as well as a sexual health aid.

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