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First, the order of Judas and Theudas is reversed in Acts 5.Second, Theudas's movement may come after the time when Gamaliel is speaking.Archaeological inscriptions and other independent sources show that Acts contains some accurate details of 1st century society with regard to the titles of officials, administrative divisions, town assemblies, and rules of the Second Temple in Jerusalem.However, the historicity of the depiction of Paul the Apostle in Acts is contested.

Some believe this is incongruous with the portrait of James as a Jewish leader who would presumably speak Aramaic, not Greek.The Textus Receptus, in turn, served as the basis for the New Testament in the English-language King James Bible.Today, the Byzantine text-type is the subject of renewed interest as the possible original form of the text from which the Western and Alexandrian text-types were derived. Analyzing the author's sources, methods, theology, familiarity with ecclesiastical developments and vocabulary, Pervo discovers that the author of Acts is familiar with the later writings of Josephus (c. E.) and that the theological perspectives of Acts have much in common with elements found in the Pastoral Epistles and Polycarp (c. He also situates the book of Acts in terms of its place in the development of early Christianity and its social and ideological context, and shows how a second-century date helps to interpret it.The historical reliability of the Acts of the Apostles, the principal historical source for the Apostolic Age, is of interest for biblical scholars and historians of Early Christianity as part of the debate over the historicity of the Bible.

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