Real dating horror stories

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I went on a tinder date with a guy who took me to his favorite smoke spot by a lake.

So we smoke a bowl, hanging out, I'm a little sketched out but he promises that he smokes here all the time and never sees any cops.

And also the fact that my roommate doesn't really care what I end up seeing. Just recently moved to Perth Australia from the UK.

And, as it turns out, most guys don't care about having another girl in the room either--some take it as an opportunity for a for a threesome. New friend pointed me towards Tinder for meeting girls.

Despite having apprehensions about going to a complete strangers apartment in a foreign country, I decided to go.

Nevertheless everything seemed smooth when I arrived at his house. We got talking and one thing lead to another and before I knew it we were making out on his lounge.

Towards the end of my trip I chatted to him briefly and he explained he was going away the following day but I was more than welcome to come over to his apartment.

This was back when tinder first came out and wasn't quite as known as a hookup app. We both really liked each other, but I couldn't get over how we started.

Things kept going for about 2 months when she told me she went out with me originally in an attempt for a Dinner with Schmucks type thing where her and all her friends would bring the worst Tinder date.

Finally get a text saying 'I didn't feel a're a bright my best...'Sooo relieved I didn't have to follow through on my mature thought to give him another chance:)..spidey senses say he's back together with 'Jane' and that I was used as some kind of jealousy-making bait... " He says, "yeah that's fine," and tosses her the keys.

5 minutes later he walks outside wondering where she is and his car is gone.

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