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That doesn’t mean the duo won’t hangout for the full 40 (or longer if they really like their space), but just know twins may arrive earlier than the due date noted by the pregnancy calculator.

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The circumstances surrounding the retrieval and transfer methods will impact the due date calculation by days (if not weeks) when compared to using the LMP.

However, unless you were really deliberate about tracking your ovulation or were able to make a baby in one shot—and had no extracurricular fun with your man otherwise—knowing which day was the big one isn’t always clear cut.

That’s where a due date calculator, also known as a pregnancy calculator, helps.

Based on the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP), the ovulation date is determined and used to forecast when your little one will arrive.

While the date may not be 100 percent precise, an egg only has a fertilization window of less than 24 hours, so the due date calculator should give a good estimate of when you’ll be adding a tiny new addition to your home.

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