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Each try and fail made the moment less scary, less intense, and more about figuring out how to play the mechanics of the game, which in turn killed the immersion.By giving my fear an exploitable weakness, its power over me was rendered inert.Overly video-gamey segments reveal the mechanics underneath, removing the tension in favor of fail states and cheap game over screens.However, its binaural audio and moments of reality-warping terror do wonders to instill a sense of unease in the player.An eerie disembodied voice known only as “The Director,” played by Tony Todd.At certain junctures, you’ll be directed to either heed his direction or rebel and go your own way.

The audio alone helped to elevate some of the more lackluster parts of the game, and I can imagine that the experience might be soured by playing without headphones or with the audio turned down.

Venture through one door to find it vanished when you turn around.

A flash of movement out of the corner of your eye that you aren’t quite sure actually happened.

I would have loved to see a better balance between that creepy ambiguity and actual reveals that drive the narrative threads.

Where psychological horror often tends to go awry is when the horror isn’t psychological anymore.

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