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Between 19, Pigeon John recorded the songs that became his first solo album, Is Clueless.

Finally, fans and the music industry are giving Pigeon John some much deserved respect. MVRemix: What is the meaning or origin behind the name Pigeon John? Back in Inglewood, I wanted a cool rap name and I was going by John at the time. A friend of mine had seen the TV series Roots and there is a character named Chicken George. She poked her head into the kitchen and told me that I looked more like a pigeon. MVRemix: There is a sincere vulnerability within your music. Pigeon John: I definitely found a comfort level pretty much right out of high school. So, when I started doing that, I noticed that people took it differently. I have an open mind and open heart in the songs and that kind of defines who I am. Pigeon John: The Good Life was where I first went as an emcee. Just when listeners thought he could not improve on his discography, Pigeon John released 2005s Pigeon John Sings The Blues on Basement Records. I tried to be as good as the people who were there. Or, do you have the music done first and write to the music? I try to hear what is within the music and see how it makes me feel. A lot of times, the music paints itself a picture and I just try to fill it in with words. A darker and mellower collection, Pigeon John Sings The Blues contains 10 new tracks, 3 remixes from the Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister LP, and 2 enhanced-CD videos (Hello Everybody and Life Goes On). Back then, to say you are from Hawthorne, made people wonder. And that's when it happened, the pigeon started shaking violently and became awake, picked up and flew away. it was 'pigeon' or die." He later explained that he was discussing his need for a stage name with a friend when the friend suggested "Chicken John", taken from the character Chicken George in Roots.The friend's mother then interjected that John didn't look like a chicken, claiming that he looked like a pigeon and should therefore be called "Pigeon John".

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