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— My interests are cross-country skiing, the opera and the symphony. So you’re wondering: Would anyone ever want to meet someone on my Truth-in-Advertising website? The myriad of women who aren’t tall, blonde, blue-eyed, silicone-breasted beauties. Not to mention all the gals and guys who auditioned for “Extreme Makeover,” “Average Joe,” “The Swan” and “The Biggest Loser” — but didn’t get on.

— I want a doormat who will cook, clean and slave for me. If-I-Don’t-Meet-Someone-Soon-I’— I’m anorexic, so you won’t have to spend money on dinner dates.

A “regular” profiler is — but if you want a “master” profiler — it’s 9.

Internet dating — everyone does it, and everyone complains about it. The guys think the girls lie, and the girls think the guys lie. Did you know you can hire someone to write your profile? Marilyn Anderson is 25, blonde, blue-eyed, toned & athletic, and loves to cook….

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Miss Travel This website is for people who love to travel.So, you have people robbing the grave or the cradle.On a more serious note, it seeks out individuals who are serious about these types of relationships. Trek Passions People who are passionate about Star Trek, Star Wars or any science fiction should visit this website.It ams to bring people who are interested in traveling together.You may either be looking for a generous benefactor to fund your trip or a traveling partner.

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