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18 year old Niki is dating Jamie who the parents dislike.Instead they set her up with two guys, the first a "sqirrel evictor" who takes her bowling and the second a chiropractor in training who takes her to play darts and arcade games.Mom and dad have set up two blind dates in hopes that that changes.Mom's pick Xavier is a dancer and takes Aileen to a studio where he teaches her a few moves, shows off his 8 pack abs and makes his pitch.Dad's pick is Mone who takes Robert tap dancing followed by some cake decorating where more gets iced than baked goods.

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Sometimes it happens that a child picks a significant other that does not meet the standards of their mother and father.But as we’ve gotten to know him — and learned not only about the soul-crushing heartaches he’s withstood but his deep affection for Catherine — we’ve realized to our surprise that we’ve begun seeing him less as someone to snicker at and more someone to root for. WHAT’S NOT WORKING Jackson and Maggie as a Couple: We were willing to give this pairing a chance.But thus far, the match-up has done only two things: 1. it’s made a Debbie Downer of Maggie, who’d previously been brilliant, fun and funny — the epitome of quirky effervescence.Dad's pick, Chase, takes Clarissa to Chinatown for an acupuncture session followed by some dim sum and a trip to a wishing well before heading home.Harry and Becky don't like Cecilia, the girl that Harry's son Ryan is dating. Dad's girlfriend Becky has chosen Kelly who takes Ryan wake-boarding and then on a picnic.

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