Outlook calendar updates not updating

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You can do this by turning on incoming email in your Share Point calendar settings.

If you email the event to the email address as an invitee, then any time you send out an update, that update will be reflected on the Share Point calendar.

Because everyone in my office uses outlook we copy meetings from the Share Point calendar to each persons outlook calendar.

This lets us see who is busy in the Share Point calendar and when using the Scheduling Assistant in Outlook. If I update a meeting in Outlook, the update doesn't change the Share Point event (and vice versa).

Sometimes calendars can be slow to update with clients using a cached copy as opposed to updating the display, to force the update try pressing shift and F9 inside the Outlook client as this should update all folders.

Many Thanks Do you try to remove and add back the shared calendar?

In office 2010 Internet Calendar was working fine, but in 2013 the calendars do show but they are not updated.

They calendars are no longer in the Account Settings / Internet Calendars.

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She sets up a meeting request in the Year in advance one and adds herself as an attendee.So when there is a meeting, I create it in my personal Outlook calendar and then copy it to the Share Point calendar that shows in Outlook.I do this because the Scheduling Assistant in Outlook doesn't show me as busy during meetings scheduled on the Share Point calendar (in Outlook) and the same applies with the Group Calendar in Share Point.The updates that the attendees receive, will not require a response.The updates will automatically change the meeting scheduled in their calendars.

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