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Why are people ashamed of something that the vast amount of people will deal with at some point in their lives? "It really affects more people than even diabetes," Dr. "One in six people have herpes, and one in 11 people have diabetes. Contracting the virus is not a sign that you did something bad or stupid. And down the line, we started distinguishing between the two: 1 meant oral herpes, and 2 meant genital.That means there are more of us who have herpes that are just floating around, don't know about it, or are hiding it."And because herpes is misunderstood, there certainly are people who go through life without even realizing they have it. Loanzon told me that one of her close friends, also a physician, asked her, "Wait, I have oral outbreaks. She broke down how the virus spreads differently, and why certain strains are more stigmatized: "Herpes itself is considered sexually transmitted; however there are two types: Type 1, and Type 2. In our society, all the sudden 1 was OK and 2 was bad to get."Dr.In a combination of shame, shock, and fear I declined the blood test- convinced of his visual diagnosis. Eventually I decided to try dating on a site exclusively for “H ” people. I would consider herpes a factor but it would not be a deciding one.I met and dated a number of women on the site over several years and had a couple of relationships. I know (accidentally) from personal experience it is very possible to have a long term sexual relationship with someone who has herpes without getting an infection. He looked at the rash and instantly said, “yup that looks like herpes to me and I’ve seen lots of cases”. And I have the unique distinction of having lived for several years with misdiagnosed HSV2 and have dated and been (intensely) sexually involved with herpes infected partners. When the rash recurred I rushed to see my personal physician.We all don't do it 100 percent correctly the first time, but by shifting perspective and knowing that we are not alone, it gives that comfort level and that confidence to really move forward."Since there are many ways to protect oneself and many people actually aren't afraid of herpes, it is very likely that you too will be able to find accepting partners on your own.

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One of my girlfriends who is a plastic surgeon just told me, 'Several years ago, breast cancer was a taboo thing, and now everybody knows someone who has breast cancer.' I'd really like to move [herpes] into that commonplace topic."While herpes is her platform, Dr. "It is about self-worth and self-love," she says, and how she learned to accept herself regardless of how others interpreted her health status. "Herpes can be a curse that can just upend a person, but it can slingshot you into so much more emotional growth than [you] can even expect...It was through conversations with her life coach that Dr. If it's not something you are into, no big deal — let's not waste any time; I will go ahead and move on.' And I actually found that once I had that approach, most of the gentlemen that I was dating didn't even care... No, great, let's go for it.'"Of course, that doesn't mean that every conversation you have will be easy, nor does that mean you will feel confident every time you have the conversation. Loanzon says that her book details some of the mistakes she has made along the way as she learned how to talk about the virus.Loanzon learned how to express herself, and through real life practice, she too learned that it really didn't affect anything. Loanzon's book describes the many ways she communicated her virus with partners; she told me she'd simply say, "'Hey, this is what I have. They were like, 'No big deal, don't a million people have it? But the point is that your sex and love life are far from over — especially because there are safe ways to continue having sex."The most important thing is to talk to your partner," says Dr. "Speaking about sexual history is really important.A lot of us get very fearful when speaking about sex.As an OBGYN and as a person who is herpes-positive, I think it is really important to talk to your partner before [sex] and say, 'I wanna make sure you are OK with this because I don't want to jeopardize your health.'"The next steps that you should take to keep you and your partner healthy include the use of condoms and medication. Loanzon explains that they are only 96 percent effective, not 100 percent.

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