Online dating safety tips for women

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Whether there’s no chemistry or your spidey sense is tingling and your date doesn’t seem like such a safe bet, provided you’re meeting in public, a solid excuse to leave will enable a speedy departure.

While you could go old school and request your friend call to check up on you and potentially, enable an early exit, it’s much easier to install a Fake Call application.

Nothing saucy, just a quick identity check - though of course, flirting is definitely allowed.

If your love interest refuses and also isn’t up for meeting after a few weeks however, alarm bells should definitely be ringing.

Most smartphones have GPS receivers, so can accurately pinpoint your location.

Even smarter is the fact that apps like Glympse and even Whats App allow you to share your location with a contact for a set period of time.

If you’re single and reading this, chances are you’ve probably dabbled in some online dating.

If you’re someone who likes the idea of longer, more considered messaging, websites might win for you.That said, there are still measures you can take to keep connected to a trusted friend in addition to those outlined above.If you have a wearable, whether it’s an Android Wear, Tizen-powered Samsung Gear S3 or an Apple Watch, you could still have a line of defence on your wrist.In turn, the methods mentioned are just initial guidelines.The best thing you can do to verify a person’s identity initially is Skype or Facetime.

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