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Anyhow, for those of you who’ve been following my fictionalized story about the great 1915 Standard Oil Strike in Bayonne, New Jersey, I hope you enjoy the new episodes. Tom De Haven July 17, 2016 COMICS AND CARTOONISTS Since I was 7, since 1956, I’ve been unreasonably passionate about comics and comic art, and fascinated by the lives and careers of cartoonists. That stuff talked to me, delighted me, made sense to me, made sense of the world to me, and I just hardbound collections of Hal Foster’s “Prince Valiant” pages from 1939-1940 and Harold Gray’s “Little Orphan Annie” strips from 1946-1947, and a collection of Alex Toth’s Zorro comic-book stories from 1957-1958, all of which I highly recommend.) If you know me well, or even not all well, you know that I wanted to become a cartoonist myself.

I don’t recall reading (or even being read) children’s books when I was a kid, and it wasn’t until I was about 12 that I got interested at all, and not all that much at first, in prose fiction. Some days, still, I regret I never did, that it never happened, although I’ve been fortunate to have met and got to know a slew of working cartoonists, to have taught college courses about comics and comic books, and occasionally to have scripted comics and graphic novels for others to draw.

The next post (in a few weeks, a month, a couple months; whenever) will be my last–the end of and the end of the Cafe Pinfold blog.I realized fairly early on that I couldn’t keep up with a blog; you either post regularly or you don’t, and I didn’t.Once I had up all of the archival stuff, the old scripts and comics and lectures and fiction, there wasn’t much else to do but to keep posting my new stuff, and I just don’t turn it out the way I used to.But now I will post the finale, and I promise it’s coming soon.The 12th episode–“Hangfire”–is three-quarters completed and will run about 40,000 words, easily the longest section of the story, and it would’ve been finished by my self-imposed deadline of September 1 if last summer hadn’t been such a royal pain in the ass–calamity followed by interminable crisis-management.

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