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I really hope the fanbase actually attempts to try new things in the sequel.It seems that 90% of them are only interested in TTT, Prophunt, and whatever other generic gamemodes you can find on You Tube.I was friends with some of the most popular builders like Surfur and others, and the stuff they did with Wiremod was amazing.For those don't know, wiremod was a mod that essentially let you code in the game and attach these codes to objects and thrusters.I hope they include these capabilities in the new Garry's mod.If I remember right the most popular builders were Surfur, Madmanmad, Karbine, and some others.Also because it's a staple for almost every single popular youtube gaming channel.That means millions and millions of people watching Garry's Mod content, which has probably resulted in several hundred thousand sales occurring in the last several years (years after initial release) which has kept the game's population afloat.

There’s still a few issues to overcome – but I’m hoping that we’ll make the switch in the next couple of …I saw people make auto aiming turrets, homing rockets that could calculate the trajectory and intercept an object, shit was crazy.They did shit with Trig and other stuff that I could never imagine doing.Its literally the only game (even compared to other games that are also hugely modded, such as Skyrim) that never really works in a sophisticated manner.Basically, I think GM2 should try to somehow increase the quality of the content that is made for it above anything else.

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