Most intimidating movie lines

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That kind of laidback attitude only makes him all the more intimidating.Subtlety and patience are not things that Raylan excels at.For most people, that can cause some slight problems.In Raylan's case, it could mean that someone is going to die.Raylan isn't the kind of person who is keen on talking things through.After several run-ins with the villainous Wynn Duffy, Raylan makes a pointed threat that he doesn't want to cross paths with him again.

Quarles has a gun hidden up his sleeve like in Taxi Driver and attempts to use it on Raylan in their final stand-off.

Raylan hates criminals and seems to have a lot of fun pushing around the more dim-witted ones.

When one such moron is trying to give Raylan a hard time, Raylan is his usual cool self and dismisses him.

When he first meets Dewey Crowe, a low-level criminal with an even lower IQ, Raylan feels the need to lay things out in no uncertain terms.

As Dewey aims a large shotgun at Raylan, the Marshal doesn't blink.

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