Matt good first last dating

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Things came to a head when the troubled rocker was staying at his parents' house last summer."I remember getting out of the shower and going into the spare bedroom where I was sleeping at the time," he recalls, "and that's all I remember."Girl Wedged Under the Front of the Firebird" opens with a recording of a man on East Hastings talking about a young woman being run down by a car.

He feels an affinity for the wayward souls just scraping by in his neighbourhood, and living on the fringes of Skid Row has definitely had an impact on the tone of his new CD."It's my favourite Dead Kennedys song," he relates, "and lyrically I think it's one of Biafra's greatest."Matthew Good fans nationwide will soon be able to hear the artist's choice covers and newly minted originals, as he sets off on a 37-date tour from Victoria to the Maritimes and back.He's psyched about the intimate aspects of the solo acoustic setting.The reality is that a lot of people down here need help; they suffer from mental illnesses.I don't ever walk out of my front door without realizing the fact that the only difference that separates many of them from me is the fact that I can afford drugs."Drugs and mental-health problems played a major role in the creation of Hospital Music.

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