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Game Theory slowly started building a fanbase after getting featured on several websites, such as Reviewtopia and Screw Attack!and started incorporating elements from Mat Pat's directing experience and fan submissions (such as a logo and Spelling Phailer's intro music).Such You Tubers include Gaijin Goombah, Ronnie Edwards, Trailer Drake, Footofa Ferret, and many others whose series have become staples of Mat Pat's channels.In the summer of 2016, Mat Pat hosted a show, The Runner, on go90.Well, I have too much self-respect now to let myself voluntarily get treated that way by someone who said he loved me.And you will have to wait another week to see how it eventually all went down…The Film Theorists, his spin-off second channel, is where he hosts Film Theory, a Game Theory spin-off focusing instead on cinema and television.GTLive, his third channel, is where he and Stephanie archive livestreams, which go live at pm PST every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

You will see much more of her in the next couple episodes and be able to see how our relationship evolves.Its success helped Mat Pat with his career and opening new job prospects.As of November 2017, The Game Theorists has acquired over 9 million subscribers and has exceeded 1.3 billion views.Mat Pat was born in Medina, Ohio as an only child and grew to love two arts: video games and theater.He graduated valedictorian in high school and went to Duke University, where he met Stephanie in a game programming class.

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